Umeå—the European Capital of Hardcore 1989–2000

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Umeå Hardcore Archive

The 1990’s hardcore scene in Umeå, strongly associated with the animal rights movement and Straight Edge lifestyle, gave the city a widespread reputation both nationally and internationally. Bands like Refused, Abhinanda and Separation, to name a few, established a reputation for Umeå as a music city that still lives on today.

In early 2011 the Popular Movement Archive in Västerbotten started a project to document the movement. It’s goal was to create a research base and simultaneously  add a previously missing element of Umeå’s cultural and social movement history to the archive. The project resulted in a collection which currently consists of over 3000 photographs, 200 films, 600 newspaper clippings, a variety of posters, fanzines and more.

It appeared early that those who donated the material to the archive did this with the intention that it would reach out to others. Therefore, to let as many people as possible take part of the collection, was created.

On the website we intend to publish as much material as possible with regard to copyrights. We respect current legislation and we assume that the user do the same. Rights are cleared with all known rights holders, but in some cases, we have not managed to trace the author. Although disclosure of personal information requires observance of applicable swedish laws. The personal data released by Umeå Hardcore Archive in many cases have no acceptance by the data holder. We follow, however, the swedish Data Protection Act by having the data and the context is harmless.

People who against their desire are depicted or described on will be deleted after contact with the Popular Movement Archive. The same applies to anyone who finds material with personal rights belonging to them with provided proof.

We encourage visitors to bring material and information to the Umeå Hardcore archive. If you have material that you would like to donate, please send us an e-mail.

Do you want to use material from Umeå hardcore archives? As a rule, the material in the archive will only be used in a noncommercial manner. Use requires in some cases contact with the author by Popular Movements Archive in Västerbotten.

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